March 30, 2014

Cover Art 
"Sincerely Yours"
by:  Jane Kirkpatrick, Amanda Cabot, 
Laurie Alice Eakes and Ann Shorey

An intriguing 4-in-1 collection, "Sincerely Yours" tells the story of 4 different women who receive letters which change their lives forever. 

In "Moonlight Promise", Camilla Renfrew is seeking a way to meet her friend in New York and at the same time hide from a man who wants to harm her.  Camilla literally jumps onto Captain Nathanial Black's boat hoping to gain passage to Albany.  Nathanial does not allow passengers on his boat, especially women, but something about Camilla tugs on his heart and he lets her stay.  Camilla does not want to trust anyone with the secret she harbors, but when she decides to trust Nathaniel will it be too late for both of them to remain alive?

In "Lessons In Love", Marigold Bentley goes against proper society and begins to write a marriage advice column for the local paper.  But when the editor assumes she is a man, things become rather difficult.  Marigold turns to her handsome piano teacher, Colin Thackery, for assistance.  Can the two of them pull off the charade, or will the whole thing blow up in their faces?

In "One Little Word", Lorraine Caldwell will lose her inheritance unless she marries.  Her uncle has set her up in an arranged marriage, of which she wants no part.  She decides to leave for a while, and finds her brother that she thought was dead.  What she doesn't expect to find is a mysterious handsome man.  Jonah Mann is in America for only a few months trying to fulfill his dream before he has to return to his family duties in England.  When he meets Lorraine, he instantly becomes attracted to her.  Both Jonah & Lorraine have other obligations to fulfill, but will they do what is expected of them or follow their hearts?

In "A Saving Grace", Grace Hathaway is asked to rescue a friend from a clinic that seems to kill people instead of healing them.  Grace meets Claude Millikan, who is linked to the clinic, but not in the way Grace thinks.  She does not want to completely trust Claude, but when things become even more dangerous, she may not have any other choice.

I really enjoyed reading this book.  It definitely kept me on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next.  I loved how each story was written with a bit of history interwoven within it's pages.  I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes adventure, suspence, history and romance.


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Amanda Cabot said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to read and review Sincerely Yours. I know I speak for the others when I say that we appreciate your help in promoting our book.

Ann Shorey said...

Hi Dixie and Dottie! Thank you for reviewing Sincerely Yours! So glad you enjoyed our novellas.
I'm late posting a comment, but sincere nevertheless. :)