March 14, 2014

A Sky Without Stars 
"A Sky Without Stars"
Linda S. Clare

This story tells how hard it is for a single mother to raise a boy into a man.  But this task is even harder for Frankie because she has to raise her son to also revere her Indian heritage, in a white man's world.

The local authorities seem to have it in for Frankie and her son because they are Indian.  Frankie's pride and determination carry her through.  She just needs to instill these characteristics into her young son.  She tries to do this through a quilt, which tells the story of their Lakota heritage.  Herald, her son, doesn't seem to be getting the lesson and runs away.  Frankie refuses to call the police because of her pride.

Will she ever see Harold again?

I enjoyed this book very much.  It taught the lesson that you can't convict people of wrong doing, just because of who they are.  The part that frustrated me was Frankie's failure to do every thing she could to find her 11-year old son.  It came across as if pride was more important to her then Herald.


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