February 15, 2014

Shelly Shepard Gray

Miriam always has a smile for everyone.  She saves a special smile for Junior, the man she has liked all her life.  Though he never seems to notice until one day he asks if he can come to her house after she gets off work.  Thrilled that he has finally noticed her she believes he is coming to court her.  But imagine her disappointment when he wants her to fix him up with her friend, her SLIM friend Mary Kate.  She hides her disappointment well and agrees to try to get them together.  But Mary Kate, who is a new comer, & their town has a secret, one that makes her not trust boys.  

 Will Miriam try to coax Mary Kate just to spend a few fleeting moments with Junior?  Does Junior wake up and realize that whats inside is more important than how a person looks. 

I enjoyed this book, though in some places I felt sorry for Miriam because she was heavier than her friend.  She was not looked upon as pretty.  But she had a much kinder heart than Mary Katherine, especially when it came to helping Junior's little sister learn to read.  While Mary Kate (her teacher) didn't care to help her. 

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