January 27, 2014

Shadowed By Grace 
"Shadowed by Grace"
Cara C. Putman

Rachel's desperate.  Her mother is dying of TB and there's no money left for more treatments.  She has to find the one man who can help her....her father.  All she know is they met in Italy and her mother came back to America, alone.  
 Rachel convinces her editor to let her go overseas and take photo's of the front lines during World War II.  She uses this as her way to try and find her father.  Hopefully he will give her the funds she needs to pay for her mother's treatments.  It's the least he can do.  

Lt. Scott Lindstrom is huge admirer of art and is assigned to save all the art pieces that he can, while escorting Rachel from city to city.  Neither of the two were exactly thrilled about each others company, but must learn to deal with it.  

Scott also tries to help Rachel realize that God loves her and can be her heavenly Father, but she must accept Him. 

Over time, Scott and Rachel learn to respect each other and secretly form feelings for one another.   

Meanwhile, the art that Scott is supposed to be securing and protecting, keeps missing and suspect that Rachel may have something to do with it.

Does Rachel ever find her father?  
How will they cope with each others feelings?  Or will they ever share them? 
Will Rachel accept God as her heavenly Father?
Does Scott ever find the missing art and find out who is stealing it?

 This book was a different spin on World War II since it focused a lot on the art.  I never really thought about or realized that it was such a big deal.  From this book I learned that it was.  

If you love history or learning about World War II, you will enjoy this book.  I admit at times it seemed a bit repetitive, but I still enjoyed it.  

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Thank you for reading Shadowed by Grace. I'm glad you enjoyed it.