January 22, 2014

Hey y'all,

It's about that time of year when Winter Blues start going around.  Whether you're blue because of too much snow and cold weather, or you're (like me) blue because there's not enough snow and cold weather.  Maybe you have a list of others reasons that you're blue.  Whatever the case, I'm calling a time out!  NO MORE WINTER BLUES!  Make yourself think of things that make you smile!  :)  Why not make a list of things that are sure to turn your lips into a beautiful curve and reveal your pearly whites! 

Here are a few things that make me smile!  Won't you join me?  Let's beat the Winter Blues and smile!  They are contagious you know! 

1.  Knowing that my family loves me no matter what! 

2.  Snow!  Yes, even if we haven't had that much.  

3.  Fresh coffee!  

4.  New books! 

5. Diet Dr. Pepper

6.  Snowglobes 

7.  The kids at Church.

8.  Answered prayer.

What makes you smile?


Have a great day! 

SMILE, GOD LOVES YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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