September 10, 2013


"Tattler's Branch"
Jan Watson

Armina couldn't believe her eyes!  She had to do something, but what?  She had barely begun to think about what to do, when everything went black.  When she came to, no one was in sight.  Starting to leave before anyone could spot her, she heard a baby's cry.  Armina crept up to the house, peered through the window and saw the poor little one left all alone crying.  Before even thinking twice, in she went, using the window for her entrance, grabbed the baby, and took off.

Doctor Lilly Still didn't know what to think of her friend Armina's sudden illness.  When she discovers that Armina has a baby in her house, she really didn't know what to think.  Doc takes them both in and tries to give them the care they need, all the while not knowing, where in the world this baby came from and what Armina is doing with her.

I have never read a book by Jan Watson before, so I didn't know what to expect.  I'll have to say that this was not one of my favorite books.  I didn't like how she was detailed about some things, more than once, that didn't really need to be described in the first place.  Some of the characters seemed to have split personalities as well. 

I received this complimentary copy of the book from Tyndale House for review purposes.

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J. Leonard said...

Sounds like a fun mystery book. perfect for this time of year. I too get bored when things are over detailed.