September 4, 2012


This week I was in more of a turquoise mood. Love turquoise!  Please forgive the weirdness of the picture.  (Dixie said it looked weird)  But I posted it anyway, obviously.  :)
Have a great day y'all!  :)
Take time to stop and smell the coffee!
Goal for the day:  pay someone a sincere compliment!  You'd be surprised how A few kind words can go a long way! 


Unknown said...

I love turquoise too! I have a big metallic turquoise wall behind my bed.

I have an idea for you.... you should do fall outfits on a dime. You continue to post these pictures of cute outfits, but below them you have the links to where we can buy them. And if you can, keep them all affordable or give yourself a goal like an outfit under $200. Just an idea...and you can continue it into winter styles as well. :D

Talk to you soon,

Beja {} said...

That's an interesting skirt. I don't think I've seen one like that. Definitely a fall skirt with that length. I like it.

Be Colorful Coastal said...

A few years ago I wouldn't have thought turquoise and brown but now I love it too. Thanks for sharing on BeColorful. Have a great weekend.