May 28, 2012

author unknown
It's not CBS or NBC; ABC or CNN that's given us the freedom of the press.
Not TV preachers Larry Flint, Ted Kennedy, or Jessie Jackson given us the freedom to verbally express.
Not the campus organizers or all the demonstrations
given us the freedom to march, freely march and disagree.
Oh can't you see?!

It has always been the soldier who has made the sacrifice.
Standing strong and proud in battle willing to
lay down his life.

Somewhere there's a soldier and he's looking at a picture of his little girl;
How he wishes he were home!
And somewhere there's a soldier and he's reading a love letter from his wife and she is telling him how she feels so all alone.
And somewhere there's a mom and dad who cry late in the night for a son who won't be coming home;
A son who gave their life.
Freedom isn't free! Oh can't you see?!

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